Taking Time to Cry

The way forward is a mystery. 
If someone pretends to know,
listen for the con. 
They lie to themselves first,
then to anyone who will listen.
Their lies will tell you what you want to hear.
There was once a country which we believed,
was good and kind and just.
We believed it sought equality for all those who sweated and toiled for it.
We believed it did not prejudge you by the darkness of your skin, 
  the place your family came from,
  the person you chose to love, or your genitalia.
We believed it could keep
  its mountains, forests, streams, and oceans wild and pure forever.
We believed it could bring a comfortable life
  to everyone who gave their lives' work to it.
We believed it could lift everyone up together.

Did it change or did we change? 
Perhaps it was always this way.
Now we can see it for what it always was.
It has not died, but our belief has.
Now it is clear, our country is just like any other.
We are great, no longer.
We should take some time to cry for our loss. 
Then get back to work.

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