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On the River

By the time I was in junior high school, Fair Oaks had become a rootless sea of fences, lawns, cars and asphalt. We had all isolated ourselves into to thousands of tiny kingdoms each one with the illusion of self-reliance. Or that is the way it seemed looking back in time. It was a place […]


From the inside our lives are big, important and meaningful. From the outside they are small and arbitrary. There is really only one story and it is a story we all share. Laughing and crying only shows we care. When we stop laughing or crying then we no longer care.

Halcyon Times

My great aunt lived in Medford, Oregon and occasionally we would take the long drive up there. My brother and I would sleep on the floor of her mobile home. My mom always mentioned what a nice mobile home park it was compared to most. And I remember the nice quiet relaxed feeling of that […]