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Feeding the Belly

Do you ever feel the weight of the world is pressing down on you? And it seems like there is so much is riding on each decision you make. And all your “bad” decisions, made in the past haunt you. Wouldn’t it feel good to “win” for once? Why do we always feel “accountable”? We […]

Taking Time to Cry

The way forward is a mystery. If someone pretends to know, listen for the con. They lie to themselves first, then to anyone who will listen. Their lies will tell you what you want to hear. There was once a country which we believed, was good and kind and just. We believed it sought equality […]


Any relationship is like looking into a very obscure mirror. Any anger and resentment we feel toward the other person is really anger and resentment we feel towards ourselves. It this is a very difficult truth to see. We do not want to see, so we hold onto our resentments and our angers because we […]


Belief is a word that hasn’t been thrown around from so many different directions. It hasn’t been used as a political weapon to the degree that most of the other words I’ve written about have. Maybe it doesn’t belong in “Wordplay” at all. Its usage and apparent meaning are fairly close to its dictionary definition. […]