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A Photo Poem by Pedro circa 2000

A Photo Poem by Pedro circa 2000


The first week Star Wars came out, Pedro went to see it 5 times at his local theater in the Bronx. He must have been about 22 at the time. This seems odd to me because I was about 16 at the time and never went to see Star Wars once because I thought it was too young for me. He describes himself as a big fan of pop culture. He once had a radio show at UCSC where he was supposed to play folk songs of Nicaragua, it was called Campesinos Latino or something like that. He said it was really boring, not the kind of thing he would listen to at all. But he was a real Latino who was actually born in Puerto Rico, so I supposed it was a role he was expected to play. It was not one he liked or that he played often.

No, Pedro must have been an unconvincing revolutionary, he kind of likes things the way they are. He is more of a poet/artist who just likes to make note of things the way they are. Once he showed me a picture of his first crush; it was his sister’s boyfriend. It was a slightly crumbled photo with sixties-era-color of his sister and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was shirtless and looking very extroverted. They were on some rooftop, probably in the Bronx. Where I had eyes for Pedro’s sister in that photo, I could see the shirtless boy brought a kind of sparkle to Pedro’s eyes.

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