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A Leaf on a Stream

The concept of “choice” can be very stressful. I didn’t choose to be born, I didn’t chose to be human, I didn’t choose my genetic makeup, I didn’t choose my gender, I didn’t choose what I look like, I didn’t choose the color of my skin, etc. The scope of things that we can actually […]

Feeding the Belly

Do you ever feel the weight of the world is pressing down on you? And it seems like there is so much is riding on each decision you make. And all your “bad” decisions, made in the past haunt you. Wouldn’t it feel good to “win” for once? Why do we always feel “accountable”? We […]

Tao Riffs

I can’t say I’m a religious person, though I can find things I admire in some people who follow a specific religion. I do like reading the Tao Te Ching (The Way Integrity Book) and trying to glean insights into my life in it’s passages. I know there a people who have studied the authorship […]