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I wish I could say that I fell for the bait of a sexy older woman. But Sandy was not particularly sexy. Her face was rather mannish and her body long-limbed like one of those solid looking female swimmers. She probably would have been a good athlete if she had given it some effort when […]


  Bill’s Dancing Man Studio space was divided into 3 portions; an art gallery as you walked in, a photography studio, and a small loft with a stairway where he slept at times. There was a faint smell of old dark-room chemicals when you walked in the door. The place had once been a darkroom […]


I’m guessing it was 1990 when I first met George Buck. He calls himself Milo now, I think he didn’t like the sound of his name to be associated in any way with George Bush and who would? I had opened my shop over on Cedar St. across from the Bagelry right after the Loma […]