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A Leaf on a Stream

The concept of “choice” can be very stressful. I didn’t choose to be born, I didn’t chose to be human, I didn’t choose my genetic makeup, I didn’t choose my gender, I didn’t choose what I look like, I didn’t choose the color of my skin, etc. The scope of things that we can actually […]

Feed the Belly

Do you ever feel the weight of the world is pressing down on you? And it seems like there is so much is riding on each decision you make. And all your “bad” decisions, made in the past haunt you. Wouldn’t it feel good to “win” for once? Why do we always feel “accountable”? We […]

The Reunion of Broken Parts (Algebra)

“The Book of Restoration and Balancing” is one translation of the book Hidab al-jabr wal-muqubala by  Mohammed ibn-Musa al-Khowarizmi. 825 AD in Bahgdad. Another is the “Reunion of Broken Parts”. The word “al-jabr” became our “algebra”. There are many different ways we can convey our thoughts. Numbers and words are just a couple ways. Most […]


I’m guessing it was 1990 when I first met George Buck. He calls himself Milo now, I think he didn’t like the sound of his name to be associated in any way with George Bush and who would? I had opened my shop over on Cedar St. across from the Bagelry right after the Loma […]

Taking Time to Cry

The way forward is a mystery. If someone pretends to know, listen for the con. They lie to themselves first, then to anyone who will listen. Their lies will tell you what you want to hear. There was once a country which we believed, was good and kind and just. We believed it sought equality […]


Sandy always told me that I wrote too much about myself. That I should look outward more often and inward less often. She was right, as she usually was, about me anyway. It was part of the reason we had been together for ten years, people don’t stay together unless they need each other. We […]

Pedro 2

  The first week Star Wars came out, Pedro went to see it 5 times at his local theater in the Bronx. He must have been about 22 at the time. This seems odd to me because I was about 16 at the time and never went to see Star Wars once because I thought […]


Milo on occasion drops by my current frameshop which is where Dancing Man Studios used to be. I was talking to Milo the other day from my office in one of Bill’s backrooms and I offered to photograph two of his painting for reproduction. Bill never used to charge him for it and within reason […]

Tom Robison

“Around Tucson, I have a few people I’ve contacted with my outlook from my bizarre shamanic reality- half-in/half-out of the World of the Dead. These people, I wanted to let know more about where I’m coming from, by letting them in on my past and my path or road. I don’t know how many will […]


In those days when I heard the word Paradise it meant something much different to me than it did to most people. It meant that old house on Sunset Way under the deep oak trees, with the dogwoods blooming underneath and the ground thick with poison oak. It meant Whiskey Flats on a hot summer […]